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049 - 053

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May 6 Update

And we're back! So sorry for the wait.

Gerry is reppin' BLACK FROST, from


Metalheart Meltdown - a gay heavy metal comic!

If your comic has a band with a logo, hit me up! Lots of potential shirts and cameos to come... My twitter is @muepin!

Not sure if I mentioned this here but I've decided to change up the coloring style for Volume 2! The old style, while pretty, was very time consuming...

The coloring might still evolve over time, because experimenting is fun and there are no rules. whispers unlimited power....

"Fan" Patrons got to see pages early as always!


Updates will be slower now, but you'll get more pages, aiming for 3 to 5 per upate! Thanks for sticking around!

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