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Overwhelmed by their success, Michael "Mitch" Rust decides to take his rock band Frantic from the US to his second home, Germany. But the band that used to sell out shows overseas finds itself unable to take off in Europe. Mitch sticks with his decision - but his band finds it hard to deal with the new situation and Mitch's often rapid fluctuations in mood.

Frantic Live is a drama/romance with LGBTQ themes, and a protagonist living with from bipolar II disorder.


My name is Mykel - I also go by Mue online. I'm a transmasculine artist from Germany and was born in 1989. One of the first things I did on the internet were to create a website and post my own comic pages to it. Almost 20 years later, I continue the tradition and bring you my first long form comic - Frantic Live.

Currently I live in the NRW region with my family and my wonderful dog Nori. Illustration is my job - I draw for a living.


Ryn has been writing on and off for many years but argues that he only got good at it in 2018 when he actually managed to finish a full book. Since then, he has been crafting tales with characters he creates, challenging himself to improve on his skills while exploring his sexuality through writing.

Since 2021, Ryn has been helping out with Frantic Live by fleshing out characters and plot points together with Mue. Starting with the third volume of Frantic Live, Ryn will be an active co-writer and help develop the dialogue and flow of the story.


You can contact Mue anytime at hello@artbymue.com!
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